MESQUITE (JANUARY 7, 2019) – Hoyt Creative LLC, a long-standing creative agency providing innovative solutions for today’s digital branding, was selected by Legacies Life Coaching & Consulting for their creative agency.

On the heels of a successful marketing campaign for CEO Amy Copeland’s book, Love and the Art of Saying No, Mrs. Copeland returned to Hoyt Creative to help launch her new venture along side Lindy Thomas. Together, they want to help people take control of their lives which mirrors the book’s intentions and cope with life’s ever-changing situations.

Not only will Hoyt Creative help direct their new branding, but will be responsible for designing and developing a website that matches their hearts and event-driven business model.

The future looks bright with Legacies Life Coaching & Consulting.

About Legacies LCC

Legacies Life Coaching & Consulting empowers clients to experience control and contentment while in inevitable, unstoppable life transitions. With backgrounds from Coach Academy International, Dallas Theological Seminary, running businesses, and just plain experiencing life, Legacies LCC sets out to offer guidance to the DFW metroplex.

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